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Personal Portfolio


My first trip out the country in 8th grade and a 35 mm camera ignited my love affair with travel and photography.  I am married to the love of my life and we share a passion for music, travel and adventure.  

I'm a house photographer for the Augusta Entertainment Complex which includes the James Brown Arena and the Bell Auditorium. I studied photography at Augusta University.  I'm an active member of both Professional Photographers of America and Georgia Professional Photographers Association.  

My references include musicians, songwriters, music promoters, venues, radio stations, magazine editors, professional drivers/pilots/owners (Nascar, dirt track, drag boat), a national race event, several charities and non-profit organizations.  My work can be found in print in regional and national publications,  viewed on various artist's websites or social media accounts, seen on merchandise (t-shirts) or simply hanging on walls in various businesses in the Augusta, Georgia area.

The burning desire to never forget the people, places or things that move me is the reason behind my obsession with my camera.  Moments define us and I plan on capturing every single one of them.

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